We,mother Kaco and daughter Saya, are working on dogs and cats conservation activities.This is our activities' blog. We hope to share the information with many people, and we also would like to transmit the information. We started the activities in earnest in 2005. Looking for adopters for 9 dogs which some homeless people were unable to look after let us to start the activities.(ル二さん 訳)


マール面会 Visitig Marl

When I entered the kennel, I stopped breathing.Oh no ...
But then when I lightly tapped her nose,I realized she was just breathing through her mouth.
Oh Marl,you scared me...

When I wrapped her up in a blanket and held her, I found that her IV line had come out.
“If we use a/d, she'll eat for us again” nurse told me.
“Oh, so that means she'll be discharged?”

But something about her seemed swollen, and when I took a closer look, her back foot was all swollen like jelly from the heel to the other end down-all flabby, like she had just finished an IV from under the skin. I had a bad feeling...
The doctor came into the kennel and said that Marl has been a difficult case.
...What do you mean by that??

The reason they to stop the transfusion was because of the swelling as I suspected, but on the other hand, it wasn't like she was unable to produce urine because her kidneys were bad-there were signs of urine on the mat. She's eating, even not as much as we'd like.
So what's the issue???

Myxedema, they suspected.

Myxedema is a serious condition when the thyroid glands become under-active due to hypothyroidism, which causes swelling from the body being unable to metabolize liquids properly.
The liquids then get deposited all over.

Marl,you had hypotyroidism?

そういえば 低体温だった
そういえば 尻尾がネズミの尻尾のようだった
そういえば じっと丸くなっている事が多かった
You know, she had a low body temperature and a mouse-like tail, and frequently curled up into a tight ball...

I figured that her low body temperature and hair loss were due to her age...
I figured that she wasn't moving around because of bronchitis and heart disease making it difficult to breathe...
Damn it, why hadn't I noticed this sooner. Many of my babies have had hypotyroidism, like Heco, Terry, Leon, and Shii-chan...

No, it's still not certain that it's myxedema.

And so okay, even if it is hypotyroidism, giving Tyradin can cure it, right?

I was set off in a light panic with a whole mess of things spinning around in my head.

I wasn' able to speak with the doctor afterwards to hear what kind of treatment they would give her.

Marl, I'm coming again tomorrow, don't you worry.Wait for me.

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