We,mother Kaco and daughter Saya, are working on dogs and cats conservation activities.This is our activities' blog. We hope to share the information with many people, and we also would like to transmit the information. We started the activities in earnest in 2005. Looking for adopters for 9 dogs which some homeless people were unable to look after let us to start the activities.(ル二さん 訳)


ポル卒業!! とローラ Paul's family!! And Laura

Paul found his forever home!

His new daddy is quite the handyman, and his new mommy couldn't wait for him to come home so much that she said she's was dreaming of him opening up his heart to them.

Daddy immediately made "Paul's Special Corner" for their living room.
食器台まで全て手作り!素晴らしい♪( ´θ`)ノ Even the food table was hand-made!

Paul's quite the scaredy-cat, but he warmed up to them nicely and is cuddling them on their laps, it seems.

Since he's their ownly dog, he's going to live like a king with all of their attention. How happy, I'm so glad.

And now, here's Laura, who I started taking care of in February.

She's been safely spayed and had her mammary glands removed, and I was relieved to hear that the tumor in her mammary gland turned out benign. But...

一向に体重が増えず毛も生えてこない She's not gaining any weight, and her fur's not growing back
She has a crazy appetite and eating the amount a 6 kg dog would now (she's only 2.9 kg).
She's also suddenly gotten diarrhea, so I've decided to give her a few types of grain free, fish-based food in rotation. When I got her spayed, I also had them remove her tartar, so the inside of her mouth is all nice and clean now, but her gums are still inflammed, and her breath is still terrible.

To tell the truth, I've had a case like this before.
Lyra, Melmo...
What these kids have in common are:
・Puppy mill dogs used for breeding (female)
・Lack of weight gain, even if they have large appetites and are eating
・Hair won't grow back
・Despite all the testing, not finding anything conclusive to explain their condition
・Passing away without any warning

These babies were all quite obsessed with food. As soon as they heard the clatter of dishes and smelled the food, they would react in a way that was most peculiar, to the extent that I would just be thinking, "This is not normal."

This time, the doc diagnosed her with "Nozawa Disease"--meaning that no textbook could explain the conditions or test results, and we have no idea what the cause is, a series of symptoms found in no other patient. Ok, hold up, cut the jokes! It's not like I'm making them sick!
Grrrr! If we're going to put any name to it, it's Puppy Mill Disease! This is no time for puns. 😡😡😡

We also tested her hormones this time, and I suspect Addison's disease. In a way, I'd feel relieved to definitively say, "Yes, ok, it's Addison's!" because we can treat that. (It'd cost an arm and a leg in medicine, though...) However, no definitive test results came out, so there's nothing we can do.

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新入りちゃん、よろしくです Welcome, new guys!

Sorry, sorry, I know I've been ignoring the blog for a bit 💦

We're the new kids on the block!

An Italian Greyhound girl, about 7 years old.

She has almost no teeth left, and those that she still has are covered in tartar. She also has an oral-nasal fistula...

...as well as a lump the size of a soybean in her mammary glands.

But at least according to the cytodiagnosis results, it's benign. I'll have them remove it when I get her spayed and have them do a pathology inspection.

As soon as I think that hey, maybe this will all go smoothly, then I get her less-than-positive blood test results in.
She has high white blood cells and CRP.

At least she was negative for filaria. 😓 No ear mites as well, and her stool had no problems. I hope I can get her spayed and on to finding an adoptive family, but you know...

出尽くした感じがあるからなかなか決まらない。さて、どうしよう( ̄O ̄;)
I'll need to think of a name for her! :)
I'm pretty exhausted, and it's turning out to be pretty impossible. What to dooooo ( ̄O ̄;)

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