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ジョイスのこと About Joyce

It's been a while since I last posted.
I have a mountain of things I want to report, but this time I want to talk about a dachshund girl I took in the other day.

I was contacted by a shelter affiliate about a dachshund in the animal control center with a thoracic vertebral fracture and suppressed urination problems. I decided to take her in since it seemed like an emergency, and I doubted anyone else would be willing to help her. I took her straight from the center to our family vet and asked about her situation.

When I received the initial news about her, my mind immediately jumped to Don-chan.
Don-chan was abandoned in the parking lot of a home improvement center. When I took him in, he was paralyzed from the waist down, but through rehabilitation and acupuncture, he became able to walk again. Now he's living happily with a new family. That's why this time I figured that even with her lower half malfunctioning, we might be able to get her a little wheelchair, and that it wasn't quite such a tragedy.

However, when I took her to the vet, the doctor's face was much more stern than I had expected.
They explained to me with X-rays that the situation was much more serious than previously thought.

1) Her thoracic vertebrae has broken, and her spinal cord has snapped
Severe damage to the spinal cord may lead to fusion necrosis. Inflammation from the damaged area up to the side of the head will result, causing swelling to spread and further weakening (necrosis) of the spinal cord. In the end, the medulla oblongata, which controls the nerves vital to life support, will also weaken. As a result, she will pass away in pain from difficult breathing. If this happens, it's almost 100% guaranteed to result in death.

2) Pyometra (a life-threatening infection of the uterus)
In the midst of all this misfortune, at least the pus was able to go out. She's unable to get surgery in her current condition, so we just have to try and control it with medicine and wait for her to gain her strength back.

In any case, all we could do now is just pray that the weakening doesn't happen.

I go to check up on her every day, but I got the feeling that she doesn't have any strength in her eyes. Her eyes are swimming around, and I can't tell where she's looking at. She doesn't seem to have any brain problems, so it's possibly depression resulting from shock. I decided to name her Joyce. Joyce, when you get better, let's go home together.

At one point, I notice something.
She doesn't have any external wounds.
When I first heard about her, I just figured she was probably hit by a car when she was lost, but there are no visible wounds.
I looked up what sort of cases would result in broken thoracic vertebrae.


  • A car accident
  • Falling from a high location
  • A pathological fracture causing gradual bone weakening and fractures due to tumors or an endocrine disorder
  • Abuse, such as being strongly kicked or hit

She has pyometra, but this doesn't connect with any pathological bone fractures. There's blood poisoning before bone fractures, right? Falling from a high place or being hit by a car would cause scratches and bruising, such as on the hairless parts of her, like her nose and paws, or joints like her knees, elbows, or shoulders.

I found the above article while doing my research, titled "How to tell if an animal has been abused vs. involved in an accident"

This is what it says:
"Accidents frequently result in wounds to the tips of the limbs or below the pelvis--it is believed that this is due to being hit often right when the animal is trying to get out of the way of a motorcycle or car. On the other hand, abuse often results in fractures to the head and ribs (especially the upper ribs). It is believed that this is due to the abuser using their fists, feet, or items such as whips or sticks to inflict damage to the animal."

So, Joyce was abused?
We don't have any hard proof, so I can't say for sure, and even if we did, we don't know who previously owned her, so there's nothing we could do anyways.

It's a well-known fact that many arrested criminals also have a high rate of a history of animal abuse.
Animal welfare laws list the following bans on abuse and abandonment:

  • For the reckless murder of or infliction of damage to a pet: up to 2 years of imprisonment or a fine of up to 2,000,000 yen.
  • For abuse related to weakening due to withholding of food or water to a pet: a fine of up to 1,000,000 yen.
  • For the abandonment of a pet: a fine of up to 1,000,000 yen.

This is all they get for animal abuse, which so often leads to even worse crimes in the future? Well, I have a lot of issues with the laws, but more importantly is the issue of whether these laws are actually enforced properly.

Even the middleman in Yaita wasn't prosecuted.
According to someone I know who's familiar with law, "If this had taken place in a prefecture with more awareness for animal welfare, this may not have been the result."
But isn't that in and of itself odd? That means that whether or not these laws are enforced is basically dependent on location.
It means that officials and police aren't using the rule of law effectively. So animal welfare laws are just some sort of lofty ideals?
No matter how strict the laws become, it means nothing if they're not enforced properly.
(There's one more thing I want to talk about related to animal welfare laws, but I'll save that for another day.)

But we've gotten off track.

On the 8th day of her hospitalization, her nictitating membrane was protruding, and I got the feeling that her energy levels have gone even farther down. She had stopped eating, and was getting her nutrients through a syringe.
呼吸不全… 苦しかったと思います。最後の最後まで苦しんでの旅立ちになってしまいました。
"Maybe this is it..."
Late into that night, her breathing got worse, and her body temperature went down. The doctors did all they could, but she became unable to breathe. Joyce had passed on. The tissue softening had happened.
Respiratory failure...she must have suffered. Her final moments of life had been painful, and then she left us.
I can't even say that at least she's comfortable now.
I guessed she was around 7 to 9 years old. I wonder if she ever had any happy moments during her life? Had she ever felt happiness or love?

One more tick to the tally of innocent victims of gross and irresponsible humans.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
May you live a happy next life when you are reborn.

ぽちっと応援お願いします Every bit of support helps にほんブログ村 犬ブログへ にほんブログ村 犬ブログ 犬 ボランティアへ


終わりました 完敗です It's over. We were destroyed.

This was the outcome:

Charges dropped in the abuse case.
Fined 100,000 yen for violations in rabies prevention.

Who in the world ever imagined this outcome.

Was it premature...?

It's like I can hear S's loud laughs:

"See? I told you--I'm not doing anything wrong."


When they're in conditions like these:

Conditions like these:

And this neglect:

Sure, that's not abuse.

I thought animal laws were there to protect animals.

Looks like I'm wrong.

The operator was the one protected.

Even though hundreds and hundreds of poor babies saw hell there,

たくさんの子が身体を壊し 心を壊して死んでいったのに
their bodies being destroyed, their hearts being destroyed, and dying,

柴犬一頭 狂犬病予防法違反で10万で終わりですか……
it's a violation of rabies prevention measures with one shiba inu that's ending it with just a fine of 100,000.

ぽちっと応援お願いします Every bit of support helps  にほんブログ村 犬ブログへ にほんブログ村 犬ブログ 犬 ボランティアへ


不起訴となりました They decided not to charge.

Shocking news, first thing in the morning...

"Charges dropped against Yaita operator in case of animal abuse"

They dropped the charges.... Unbelievable.

これで『あなたのしていることは法的に問題ありませんよ』ってお墨付きをもらったも同然。しかも動物取扱業の更新もできてる(虐待で書類送検されている人に取扱業の更新をした栃木県もおかしいだろ‼︎)。今までと何も変わらないどころか 自分のやってることは何も間違っていないって自信持っちゃうよね。
They might have well have said, "What you're doing has no legal issues, buddy!" On top of that the middleman is able to renew. (How crazy of Tochigi for renewing a middleman that has abuse charges filed against it!!) Not only is nothing going to change, but they're also going to have confidence that what they're doing is "right."

告発後は出入りができなくなってしまったので今どんな状態なのか全くわからない。でも相変わらず引き取りはしていると聞いている。この暑さの中、あの場所で身体と心を壊していく子達を助けることはもう出来ない。ごめんね  ごめんね  助けてあげられなかったよ
I haven't been able to go in or out since the prosecution started, so I have absolutely no idea what the situation is now. But I hear that they're operating like normal. In this heat, in that place, there are poor babies suffering both physically and mentally, and there's nothing I can do to save them. I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry. I'm so sorry that I couldn't save you.

So animal rights laws are just a pie in the sky, are there? The pro gathered evidence and fought, and this is the result?

Some people ridicule that saving dogs used for breeding in puppy mills and those born with disabilities make people like me "subcontractors of the breeders" or "middlemen" myself, but there's absolutely no way to save them besides taking the "unneeded" dogs from the puppy mills. What are the lives of dogs and cats to people like them who think only about money? Nothing. You sue, and nothing changes. Get it?

I've written this so many times, but nothing will change until people stop buying puppies and kittens from shops. They can operate because people will buy from them. It's the buyers that are the problem.

My God. I'm in such shock.