We,mother Kaco and daughter Saya, are working on dogs and cats conservation activities.This is our activities' blog. We hope to share the information with many people, and we also would like to transmit the information. We started the activities in earnest in 2005. Looking for adopters for 9 dogs which some homeless people were unable to look after let us to start the activities.(ル二さん 訳)


2019年のご報告 Updating from 2019

Wouldn't you know, it's already half a month into the new year...
I have a mountain of things to update you on, but I haven't been able to do so--my apologies.

First of all is the update on Sho-chan's medical expenses, which I requested help with back in November.
Thanks to 28 kind-hearted souls, we were able to gather together a total of ¥474,000.
Lots of adoptive families also offered their support. My heart warmed at all the offers of support from those of you who knew the real actions. I also received a lot of messages from people I've never once met: "I saw this on Facebook. Keep going!" "I can't take in a dog right now, but I'd love to help out!" "I heard about this from my daughter, who's a volunteer. I support you!"
All of this well-wishing made me about to cry. At the same time, I feel like I also have to ground myself and keep doing the hard work with my head held high.
I am deeply appreciative of all of your kindness.
After paying ¥272,630 in hospitalization fees, I used the remaining ¥201,370 for other foster dogs' medical bills. Thank you all so much.

 2019 in review

**卒業生 - Happy Tails "Graduates"**
6/21 リノ Rino
6/28 トト Toto

**新入生 - New Intake**
1/10 ローリー(行政) Rori (pound)
1/26 福太郎(廃業ブリーダー) Fukutaro (shut-down breeder)
3/17 ジュリア、トト(廃業ブリーダー) Julia, Toto (shut-down breeder)
3/18 小梅(行政) Koume (pound)
4/15 リノ(行政) Rino (pound)
5/22  小太郎(行政)  Kotaro (pound)
6/3 沙羅(行政) Sara (pound)
7/11 ポメ男、ポメ吉、チワ子、QP(廃業ブリーダー) Pomeo, Pomekichi, Chiwako, QP (shut-down breeder)

**看取り - Hospice**
2/6 シーちゃん(老衰) Shi-chan (old-age)
3/29 ジュリア(巨大食道症) Julia (megaesophagus)
4/3 シッポ (突然死) Shippo (sudden death)
6/15 ももこ(肝臓癌) Momoko (liver cancer)
9/12 ジャム(老衰) Jam (old age)
11/12 はな(老衰) Hana (old age)
12/6 ベンジー (老衰) Benji (old age)
12/28 翔 (腎盂腎炎) Sho (pyelonephritis)

Unfortunately I don't have good news about Sho-chan.
The post-operation transition was going smoothly when he was discharged on 11/6, as was the treatment for Cushing we started. His foster parent sent me optimistic messages that he was energetic and eating fine, but then on 12/26, I got a different message: "When I woke up this morning, it looked like he'd thrown up, and he's lost his spunk."
It was at the end of the year when the vet is packed and the stop taking patients, but I decided it would be too dangerous to push it until the next day. I elbowed my way into the doctor's office.
They found he had gotten a fever and inflammation, and he was immediately admitted into the hospital again.
When I visited him the next day, I noticed his eyes were open, but he didn't seem to be seeing anything. He didn't respond when I said his name, which was disconcerting. He was just lying there and wouldn't even try to eat.
I received news that he passed away the next morning.

Sho-chan, you were a matted ball of fur inside a go-between's cage.
I couldn't get you into a forever home, but your loving foster family allowed you to live out your life, taking you here and there. You came with me to events and were cooed at by everyone, and you had fun on your walks with the other dogs.
To H-san, who fostered Sho-chan: you have my deepest thanks for all of the love you poured into him. He was able to go to heaven as a dog having had a life brimming with happy memories.

Please forgive that the post this time is without any pictures. 😅
I'll keep posting updates when I can.

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ご協力お願いします‼️ Requesting your support!


Sho, who has been staying with a foster family, was found to have gallbladder mucocele and just underwent surgery a few days ago. Gallbladder mucocele is an illness in which gelatinous mucus inside the gall bladder builds up in excess. As a result, the gall bladder bulges out and causes bile secretion defects and rupturing. It's not quite sure what causes it, but some suspicions are a lowering of the gall bladder systolic function, gallstones and biliary sludge, metabolic abnormality with lipids, abnormal hormone balances (hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, etc.), and enteritis. Sho was diagnosed with both gallbladder mucocele and Chushing’s.

10/23 手術

Oct. 23 - Surgery
After it was finished, the vet contacted me, much to my relief, to let me know that surgery went smoothly and I could pick Sho up on Nov. 4 or 5.

I went to go see him at the vet the next day. He was moving around and ate all of his food. 😊 I thought that if he's like this now, he should be out of the vet in no time...

10/25  めっちゃ調子悪そう😱
Oct. 25 - His condition went far downhill 😱
No appetite, vomiting,  jaundice, anemia, hemolysis, abdominal dropsy.
The abdominal dropsy was removed, and when examined, no traces of a virus or anything was found.

It turned out to be postoperative pancreatitis.
For a while, we weren't sure if he'd be able to recover and had to prepare for the worst, but gradually his blood tests started coming back better, and he started eating again. The jaundice cleared up, and just as soon as we were about to celebrate...

10/31 面会に行ったら酸素室に入ってる😭
Oct. 31 - When I went to visit him, I found him in the oxygen room.  😭
Pulmonary pneumonia. Sho doesn't have any teeth and his tongue is always drooping out of his mouth. Now that he's a senior dog as well, his tongue has lost some mobility, and I suspect food is often going down the wrong pipe. 😣 They say that misfortunes never come singly. It doesn't seem like he's got a fever, but his breathing is rough, and he hasn't recovered his strength back either...

11/7 酸素室に入って7日目。やっと退院の許可がおりて預かりさんの元に☺️
11/14  退院後の検診で経過が良好なのでクッシングの治療が始まりました。
Nov. 7 - He's been in the oxygen room for 1 full week. He got permission to be discharged and went back to his foster family. 😊
Nov. 14 - According to some tests, his progress is looking good, and we were able to start treatment for his Cushing's.

Today I just got the communication of the hospital fees.
Totaling ¥272,630 (about US$2,500). 💸💸💸

Since the beginning of the year, there's been major surgery after major surgery: heart surgeries for Toto, Pomeo, Pome-kichi, and Chiwako;  Goma's bladder cancer removal; Lori's bone fracture reduction; Julia's megaesophagus surgery; and the list goes on. Apart from surgery, I'm frankly also up to my neck in monthly medical bills and exam fees. I hate to ask, but can I please request your support in paying for some of the medical bills?

郵便貯金  10780-31807931
口座名義 野澤 和子
Japan Post Bank:  10780-31807931
Account owner: Nozawa Kazuko

店名 0七八 (ゼロナナハチ)
店番 078
From other financial institutions:
Branch code: 078
Regular account, no. 3180793

Via PayPal:

These dogs were abandoned and labeled as "useless" because they're old and/or sick. Please help me in letting them live out the rest of their lives without pain and suffering, and instead with smiles and comfort.

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はなちゃん その後 About Hana - Part 2


でも食べる毎に量が増えて今日は一回に一缶ペロリ( ̄◇ ̄;)

I sometimes have charges that, right before death, suddenly start eating and walking about, so I was pretty nervous, but it looks like Hana's actually getting better!!

少し体力も戻ったのか夜鳴きも復活(⌒-⌒; )
She's got a bit of strength back, and her night whining has also made a return.

まだまだ安心はできないけど はなちゃん頑張ってます☺️
I still can't exactly relax, but she's hanging in there!  ☺️

どうしても頭が右側に曲がってしまう😥 She insists on turning her head like this

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