We,mother Kaco and daughter Saya, are working on dogs and cats conservation activities.This is our activities' blog. We hope to share the information with many people, and we also would like to transmit the information. We started the activities in earnest in 2005. Looking for adopters for 9 dogs which some homeless people were unable to look after let us to start the activities.(ル二さん 訳)


タイムの事 (摘出した臓器の写真あり 苦手な方閲覧注意) About Thyme (Warning: Graphic images of protruding organs. Viewer discretion is advised.)

Thyme is looking for her forever home while helping out at many recruiting events for pet foster parents. Finally, she heard the important words: “I want her in my home!” =D

Right around when talks ensued and her adoption date was settled, we went to get a checkup before taking her to her new home. Heart? Good. Hearing? Good. Blood test? Good. Ultrasound scan? ....what? Something's been growing on her spleen!!!

When it comes to spleen tumors, they say about 2/3 are malignant, and 1/3 are benign.
And the doc said it’s very likely to be malignant. (>_<)
We had to put her adoption on hold to schedule in an examination.

But wait! If you’re going to put her through a test that puts her whole body under anesthesia, wouldn’t it be better to just cut out the tumor?
Even if it is benign, it’s so huge that if it ruptures, it might cause a large loss of blood. Down the line, because of her old age and her potentially weakened state, there’s a great danger in using anesthesia, to the extent that we may not be able to do surgery even if we wanted to. Now is the time to grit our teeth and bear surgery because her health is still in relatively good condition. 
結論 とっちゃいましょ
The verdict: Take it out.


After consulting with the doctor, we decided to remove it.
でたよ、ママのお得意「とっちゃいましょ」Mom said it—her classic “Take it out!”


And so surgery—we had to take out the spleen.


Truth is on this same day, we had both Sakura and Thyme’s surgeries as well as a female toy poodle’s sterilization—3 girls from my end in one sitting.
Thanks doc for all your hard work.
I’m a little afraid of the bill….

And now today, 10 days after discharge from the hospital, we had some stiches done. And the result of the hospital examination:
Ohhhhh thank God.

いつも譲渡前の健康診断は「何も出ませんように」ってドキドキ(笑) でも、譲渡後すぐに発病なんていうことは避けたいからね。
My heart is always racing worried that something is going to pop up in the checkups before the kids’ forever homes take them home. But you know, I want to avoid sicknesses of any kind from happening right after adoption.
Even though Thyme got the all-clear from the hospital, I’m glad we went through this ordeal. Up until now, she hadn’t been acting weird at all, so if we hadn’t been working towards a real adoption, I would never have taken her in to get the exam. Time may have passed letting the tumor grow without anyone realizing it, and rupturing into a big loss of blood at the expense of her life.
We are so lucky we managed to find it at a time when she could still undergo surgery.
Right, Thyme??


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