We,mother Kaco and daughter Saya, are working on dogs and cats conservation activities.This is our activities' blog. We hope to share the information with many people, and we also would like to transmit the information. We started the activities in earnest in 2005. Looking for adopters for 9 dogs which some homeless people were unable to look after let us to start the activities.(ル二さん 訳)


新入生紹介 Introducing our new members

① シーズー ♂ 3.9㎏ 推定7~9歳
   Shih Tzu ♂ 3.9kg Approx .7-9y/o

疥癬(+) Scabies(+)
フィラリア(-) Filaria (-)
歯は犬歯を除き欠損  Missing tooth except canines
両目とも乾燥性角結膜炎  Dry eyes in both eyes
血液検査 軽度の低アルブミン血症 貧血 Blood test: slight hypoalbminemia, anemia
検便 鉤虫(+) Stool: velvet worms(+)
エコー検査 左副腎に腫瘤あり Ultrasound : Tumor in left adrenal gland
心雑音あり グレード2/6 Heart murmurs: Grade 2/6

Undergoing combination vaccinations and neutering until his condition improves

We don't see any of the expected weight gain or hair regrowth after treating the scabies.
This may be an effect of the tumor on the left adrenal grand that came up in the ultrasound. We plan on continuing examinations.

② ジャックラッセルMIX ♂ 1.1㎏ 推定3ヵ月(H27.12現在)
   Jack Russel Mix ♂ 1.1kg Approx.3m/o

Several tumors starting from his forehead down to the tip of his nose
検便 コクシジウム(+)  Stool:coccidium(+)
血液検査 異常なし  Blood test : normal
混合ワクチン済(接種後に副反応あり) Mixed vaccines and experiencing reactions

02/25 去勢手術 顔の腫瘤も一部生検に回し残りはレーザーできれいにしました。生検結果待ち
Feb 25 Neutered Had a biopsy on his face tumours and get the rest removed with laser treatment. Awaiting the resultsof the biopsy.

③ チワワ ♀ 1.7㎏ 推定10~12歳
   Chihuahua ♀ 1.7kg Approx.10-12y/o

疥癬(+) Scabies(+)
耳ダニ(-) Ear mites (-)
シラミ(+)  Lice (+)
血液検査 貧血  Blood test: anemia
フィラリア(-)  Filaria  (-)
混合ワクチン済  Mixed vaccines

④ ポメラニアン ♂ 3.5㎏ 推定5~6歳 里親募集中  
Pomeranian  ♂ 3.5kg Approx.5-6 y/o

耳ダニ(+)  Ear mites(+)
左膝 膝蓋骨脱臼グレード1  Patellar dislocation grade 1 in the keft knee
血液検査 異常なし  Blood test: normal
フィラリア(-)  Filaria(-)
混合ワクチン済 Mixed vaccines

12/25 去勢手術、歯石除去済 
Neutered and tartar removed from teeth on Dec.25.

⑤ ミニピンMIX ♀ 2.6㎏ 推定6~8歳
   Miniature Pinscher Mix ♀ 2.6kg Approx. 5-6 y/o

耳ダニ(+) Ear mites(+)
フィラリア(-) Filaria(-)
左膝 膝蓋骨脱臼グレード1 Patellar dislocation grade 1 in the left knee
血液検査 異常なし  blood test: normal
混合ワクチン済  Mixed vaccines

⑥ チワワ ♀ 3.5㎏ 推定5~6歳 里親募集中!
Chihuahua ♀ 3.5kg  Approx.5-6 y/o

耳ダニ(-) Ear mites(+)
フィラリア(-) Filaria (-)
血液検査 異常なし  Blood test: normal
混合ワクチン済  Mixed vaccines

12/25 不妊手術、歯石除去済 
Spayed and tartar removed from teeth on Dec.25.

⑦ ヨーキー ♀ 2.8kg 推定7~10歳 
  Yorkie ♂ 2.8kg Approx. 7-10 y/o

両目とも乾燥性角結膜炎 視力なし Dry eyes in both eyes,and lack of vision
左目 白内障 Cataracts in left eye
心雑音あり グレード2/6 Heart murmurs grade 2/6
耳ダニ(+) Ear mites (+)
フィラリア(-)  Filaria (-)
乳腺腫あり(多発性) Multiple breast tumors

1/30 不妊手術、乳腺腫切除済
Spayed and had breast tumors removed on Jan.30

⑧ ヨーキー ♀ 3.1㎏ 推定7~10歳
   Yorkie ♀ 3.1kg Approx. 7-10 y/o

左右共に耳道に乳頭腫あり Papilloma in both auditiry canals
外歯瘻、口鼻瘻あり  Outer dental fistula,and oral-antral fistula
下顎溶解  Fused lower jaw
フィラリア(-) Filaria (-)
乳腺腫  Breast tumor

1/30 不妊手術、乳腺腫切除、乳頭腫切除、外歯瘻、口鼻瘻処置
Spayed, breast tumor removed, papilloma removed, and fistulas treated on Jan. 30

⑨ 黒柴 ♀ 4.3㎏ 推定5ヵ月(H28.2現在)
   Black Shiba Inu ♂ Approx. 5 m/o

運動障害あり Motor impairment
耳ダニ(+) Ear mites (+)
検便 回虫(+) Stool: roundworms(+)
混合ワクチン済  Mixes vaccines

脳障害の可能性。MRI検査予定 May have a brain disorder-an MRI has sceduled

⑩ トイプードル ♀ 4.0㎏ 推定6~7歳
   Toy Poodle  ♀ 4.0kg  Approx. 6-7 y/o

耳ダニ(+)  Ear mites (+)
乳腺腫(多発性) Multiple breast tumors
血液検査 貧血  Blood test: anemia
フィラリア(-)  Filaria(-)
口鼻瘻 口内炎  Oral-antral fistula, mouth ulcers
混合ワクチン済  Mixes vaccines

2/18 不妊手術、歯石除去、乳腺腫切除済 病理結果待ち
Spayed, had tartar removed, and breast tumors removed on Feb. 18.
Awaiting pathology results.

⑪ イタグレ ♀ 3.0㎏ 推定6~7歳
  Itarian Greyhound ♀ 3.0kg Approx. 6-7 y/o

左前肢 関節の腫れ Joint inflamation of her left paw
左股関節 可動域制限 Restricted range of motion in left hip joint
血液検査 貧血  Blood test: anemia
フィラリア(-)  Filaria (-)
混合ワクチン済  Mixed vaccines 

5 days after coming home with me, she stared vomiting. I took her to the hospital and she had Ultrasound. result...Pyometra.
They scheduled surgery that night, but the blood test before the surgery show that her BUN, CRE, and K levels had all risen,making surgery impossible.They began treatment to lower BUN levels. I was told that even this was risky , since we can't perform surgery, but as soon as they're at a safe, lower levels,we can do surgery.

3 days into hospitalization, I was contacted saying BUN levels had lower and surgery was now possible.
That night the head physician contacted me saying that her uterus was clean.WHAT???
When they opened it, her kidneys were bulging  and she had inflammation all the way down to her urinary duct... she had pyelonephritis. They removed the left kidney, and even the doctor was surprised at the unforeseen event. However, it at least wasn't like she had bladder inflammation or calculus(a concentration of minerals inside the body)...

She got permission to leave the hospital one week after surgery, and I'm now watching over her transfusion at home. She has an appetite and becoming active.

If I had just left her there, she certainly would have died-there is no doubt about it.
If treatment had been even a little bit late, help would have been futile.(Even the doctor was thinking it may be impossible to save her.)
You are a strong, lucky girl. It's alright now-all that's left is to be happy.

I got a total of 18 new kids from my November rescue. It's the same every time. many of them can't find homes because of their age or health. There is a total of 4 dogs from this round that are currently up for adoption.-the Pomeranian and white Chihuahua from this round, and the 2 Yorkies from last time. So basically, I'm also running a nurse the old and sick. Of course I still hope the healthy and active kids who have no problem find their forever homes. I want them to be able to live to the fullest as real dogs, not just shelter dogs.

I'll post an update about the state of the rescued kids in my next post ( I plan to, anyways(^_^;))

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