We,mother Kaco and daughter Saya, are working on dogs and cats conservation activities.This is our activities' blog. We hope to share the information with many people, and we also would like to transmit the information. We started the activities in earnest in 2005. Looking for adopters for 9 dogs which some homeless people were unable to look after let us to start the activities.(ル二さん 訳)


不起訴となりました They decided not to charge.

Shocking news, first thing in the morning...

"Charges dropped against Yaita operator in case of animal abuse"

They dropped the charges.... Unbelievable.

これで『あなたのしていることは法的に問題ありませんよ』ってお墨付きをもらったも同然。しかも動物取扱業の更新もできてる(虐待で書類送検されている人に取扱業の更新をした栃木県もおかしいだろ‼︎)。今までと何も変わらないどころか 自分のやってることは何も間違っていないって自信持っちゃうよね。
They might have well have said, "What you're doing has no legal issues, buddy!" On top of that the middleman is able to renew. (How crazy of Tochigi for renewing a middleman that has abuse charges filed against it!!) Not only is nothing going to change, but they're also going to have confidence that what they're doing is "right."

告発後は出入りができなくなってしまったので今どんな状態なのか全くわからない。でも相変わらず引き取りはしていると聞いている。この暑さの中、あの場所で身体と心を壊していく子達を助けることはもう出来ない。ごめんね  ごめんね  助けてあげられなかったよ
I haven't been able to go in or out since the prosecution started, so I have absolutely no idea what the situation is now. But I hear that they're operating like normal. In this heat, in that place, there are poor babies suffering both physically and mentally, and there's nothing I can do to save them. I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry. I'm so sorry that I couldn't save you.

So animal rights laws are just a pie in the sky, are there? The pro gathered evidence and fought, and this is the result?

Some people ridicule that saving dogs used for breeding in puppy mills and those born with disabilities make people like me "subcontractors of the breeders" or "middlemen" myself, but there's absolutely no way to save them besides taking the "unneeded" dogs from the puppy mills. What are the lives of dogs and cats to people like them who think only about money? Nothing. You sue, and nothing changes. Get it?

I've written this so many times, but nothing will change until people stop buying puppies and kittens from shops. They can operate because people will buy from them. It's the buyers that are the problem.

My God. I'm in such shock.

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