We,mother Kaco and daughter Saya, are working on dogs and cats conservation activities.This is our activities' blog. We hope to share the information with many people, and we also would like to transmit the information. We started the activities in earnest in 2005. Looking for adopters for 9 dogs which some homeless people were unable to look after let us to start the activities.(ル二さん 訳)


うめちゃん 退院 Ume-chan was discharged

Ume-chan was finally allowed to leave the vet.

Not because her numbers got significantly better, though.

“There’s only so much an IV during hospitalization can do, and we’ve gotten about to that point. Let’s see if she’ll be able to do a subcutaneous IV at home.”

Or so the doc says.

Her blood data has me completely concerned, and the tumor in her mammary gland has gotten bigger, but we need to try it!!

She’ll get about 150 mL of fluid a day, and I may have to force feed her, but I really want to try and find food she’ll be willing to eat on her own. Diarrhea will drain all her energy, so we need to watch out for that.
I was watching what she ate at the vet, and it seems she prefers soaked dry food to wet food, so I'll be preparing some soaked but not sticky food for her to eat easily.
I want to give her some a/d, but I'm afraid this would just make her get diarrhea from the high caloric content. I'll give her meat based on how her stomach reacts, but we'll need to avoid anything raw.
She has a high phosphorus count, and so I want to give her formulated food, but she won't take it. Oh well, first things first: at least she's eating! I'll need to look for stuff that'll be easy for her to gobble right up!
Welcome home, Ume-chan!

We’ll fight this together!

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